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    Insider is a publication of Insider Inc.

  • Colin Ellis

    Colin Ellis

    Best-selling Author of Culture Fix | Keynote Speaker | Facilitator | Devoted Dad | Evertonian | Whisky Lover | Likes to laugh, a lot www.colindellis.com

  • Jane Horan

    Jane Horan

    Inclusion & Purpose, helping people find meaning in their careers.

  • Kristi Pelzel

    Kristi Pelzel

    Journalist, Communications Consultant, and Adjunct Faculty— Washington, D.C. www.linkedin.com/in/kristipelzel/

  • The Hub

    The Hub

    Intelligent Intranet Software designed around the needs of your organisation. Collaborate, share & connect in a secure digital workplace. www.hub.pancentric.com

  • Fleurine Tideman

    Fleurine Tideman

    Just another millennial content writer who thinks they have something to say. Mail: info@byfleurine.com | Twitter: @ByFleurine| Blog: Symptomsofliving.com

  • James Williams

    James Williams

    Founder of COFEBE, Inc. We build tools that make engineer’s jobs easier. https://www.cofebe.com

  • Mika Yeap

    Mika Yeap

    Trading bot engineer, songwriter, sponsor of artists. <mika@myika.co>

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